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Property specialist accounting & tax services.

At JSM Tax we are specialist Chartered Tax Advisors and Accountants working with property investors and international private clients to minimise their tax liability and ensure they remain compliant with their tax filing requirements in the UK with HMRC and overseas.

Tax is often the biggest expense you pay as a business owner yet often it’s the most overlooked. There is no substitute for well rounded specialist tax advice, whether it’s a consultation to ascertain the best holding vehicle, a share for share exchange, or establishing a family investment company the team are well-equipped to assist.

UK real estate is our area of expertise JSM Tax, for close to half a decade we have been advising landlords and property developers on the best investment structures and how to manage their tax exposure. Whether you’re a property investor looking to incorporate your property business, or a seasoned investor with a significant portfolio, we can help you.

Our services

Monthly Accounting

Our team of specialised accountants can assist with ongoing accountancy requirements, such as limited company accounts and tax returns.

Property Tax

Minimising tax on property or other investments is crucial to effectively building long-term wealth. We can advise and implement the best structure for you.

Company Formation

Setting up a company can be a complex task where numerous shareholders and different classes of shares are involved. Our specialist team can handle the entire process on your behalf.

Tax Planning

Our consultants will work with you to minimise your tax exposure through diligent tax planning. Whether you are looking within the UK or internationally, we can help.

"JSM are superb - everything you would want from your accountants! My experiences, most especially from Krystal, attest to the above statement. Krystal has always acted in a timely, informed, experienced, professional yet very personable manner and has gone above and beyond to address my requirements."
Property Investor

Using the BRR strategy to grow your property portfolio.