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Setting up a Company
in Dubai

"Dubai, UAE is a great place to set up a company with 0% corporate taxes"

Establishing a company in Dubai is a relatively straight forward process and can allow for significant tax savings. For most entrepreneurs looking to set up a corporate structure to mitigate taxes a free zone company will be the preferred route, these are economic hubs that allow for businesses set up there to benefit from zero taxes.

Why set up a business in the UAE?

Compared to countries such as the UK where corporate taxes are to rise to 25% from 2023 onwards, countries such as the UAE bring a significant benefit by offering somewhere to conduct business and receive profits free of tax.

As a business generating £1,000,000 profits a year the saving is clearly illustrated, being located in the UK there would be an approximate £250,000 tax bill due to HMRC. If the company were resident in Dubai, UAE the tax would be £0. This would allow for you as the business owner to extract the funds for a higher living standard, or reinvest this capital to build further wealth.

If you are a UK resident there are hoops to jump from to benefit with an offshore company due to the amount of anti-avoidance legislation that aims to combat forms of tax avoidance. The key areas to consider are typically the deemed corporate residence rules and the transfer of assets abroad rules, as part of our review process we can advise on the impacts of these.

We are able to assist with the entire company incorporation process, including advising you on the most suitable free zone to incorporate, working with you to obtain visas, residency permits, and to establish a bank account. 


How much does it cost to set up a Dubai free zone company?

There are a number of factors that impact the cost of setting up a company in Dubai, such as the number of visas required.

For a Dubai company formation with zero visas, our fees start from £5,000 GBP or 25,000 AED.